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The Cottonets children claimed me the toys they saw in the Leni & Paul store this Spring, having been captivated by the story behind them. “Can we see those cuddle toys again?” – they asked me one day and another … Being that the hands and hearts of some Peruvian women produced these cuddle toys so that their children have access to basic needs such as education, I wanted to give them on Summer months  these two animals that are now part of their day to day. They decorate their bed and take nightmares away from them embracing all the love they see in them.

In Cottonets we like to buy online betting on small business, because we live the experience of receiving an order in a conscious and certainly endearing way. We think of the people behind, valuing their dedication and work, their courage to face a world that is so often insensitive to the priority, causing a change in people, although always starting with themselves. A different trade that watches over the care and respect for nature and people as a fundamental value. It is to ensure human rights that many stores like Leni & Paul enter the category of Fair Trade.

Our post is dedicated to these shops today inviting you to watch a video of how children opened the package we received through the post office. A package sympathetically decorated with a beautiful tape of patterned kraft, which like the Mery Poppins suitcase, kept two cuddle toys and a gift bunny fitting in it in an unsuspected manner.

The informative cards inside are in the line of environmental care, proof of which is that a small drop of water was poured into it and the color of the ink was immediately undone, which indicates that they were not inks as aggressive as conventional ones.

The products are surprisingly soft, so Cottonets children even sleep with them. Enchanted are with our gift!

That’s why we introduce organic cotton in our products, like Amarilis Bib with its matching Pacifier and the Breastfeeding Pack  of the  yellow collection of baby gifts, which terry towell is also organic cotton made.

The babychanger Woodland is also crafted with these materials and surprisingly it offers an even softer and fresher touch. Not using aggressive pesticides on the soil, the results are always more benefical even for the final experience, real and positive, of the acquisition of a new product.

They learned so quickly the lesson of solidarity, that having a small cloth bunny – a gift from Leni & Paul – they immediately gave it to that little friend of the school who was at that time with them.

Our children know that greed is a bad companion, and for that reason they know how to give themselves by giving the best of themselves. Educating in the value of generosity and altruism may be complicated in modern times but it is a key element to build a better and more dignified future.

With our post on Fair Trade we want to make known our happy adherence to the philosophy of Leni & Paul by embracing the concepts of Sustainability and Cooperation with a more ethical world for the benefit of people and the environment.

We also have in our online store the artesan brand Cottoninlove baby clothes from the same creators of Patucos. The pajamas of this brand also sustainable uses PIMA cotton of Egyptian origin to make handmade garments of best quality and smoothness.

Removing the blindfold is easy after the shopping experience at Leni & Paul ’s. Let’s learn from nature that gives us signs of the impropriety of unsustainable behavior by revenging with a increasingly more pronounced climate change or even the disappearance of plants and animal species.

Let’s look at how a tree grows. Indeed its ambition to benefit from sunlight and thrive in a vertical sense is a characteristic of trees. The branching of its branches and roots has often been compared to the extremities of a human figure. But his search for such verticality, never takes space to grow horizontally.

For us, to grow horizontally is to embrace our brothers by approaching the earth. Because we believe that greed really will not make us happier, but that what brings greater happiness to the human being is the security of knowing that he is acting for the benefit of his brothers and nature. Because helping others, results in oneself and, ultimately, helps oneself.

Currently, the shop of Leni & Paul is closed. If you feel interested in this cuddle toys, you can find them at mama ocllo 

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